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Meet the Global Mentors


Get to know the Global Mentors and Graduate Assistants in the Education Abroad office! They are here to help navigate program related questions but also help you through the application process! 



Sabrina Y: Graduate Assistant

Hi everyone, My name is Sabrina and I am a first year student in the College Counseling and Student Development Master's Program. I studied abroad to 3 different countries during the short-term Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia program. I am passionate in helping students find their dream destination, especially encouraging students of color to go study abroad!
Emily H: Graduate Assistant

I am in my second year in the College Counseling and Student Development Master's program.  Although I have traveled to 11 countries in Europe, and have visited many countries on my "bucket list,"  I have not yet visited Latin America. I would love to travel to Brazil and hope to visit some friends who currently live there. I also have a goal to study abroad to South Africa!
Kushal KC: Graduate Assistant

Hello all, this is Kushal K C, and I am doing Executive Master's in Engineering Management at SCSU. Being born and raised in Asia, I have visited quite a few Asian countries but one of my all-time bucket lists is to do a motorcycle trip around Europe. For me travelling is more like learning new things, since 'learning never stops' travelling should never stop and so I am glad to be with Education Abroad to help students see the world. 

Jill K : Graduate Intern
Hello! I am completing my graduate internship for the Higher Education Administration program. I would like to see and experience many opportunities that are offered to widen my knowledge in the Global Higher Education field! I have previous experience traveling abroad to Brazil, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and France!  I have also been to Panama, Canada and many places in the United States.  I love traveling and consider myself very adventurous!  A place to travel on my "bucket list" is to Australia and New Zealand! My goal is to study abroad to Alnwick and to share great traveling experiences with students!


Lucas C

Travel Tip: Expect things to go wrong, and when they inevitably do go wrong just roll with it.
I am in my 4th year of college and am majoring in Geography with minors in East Asian Studies and GIS. I have been to 8 countries, with 5 of them having gone through St. Cloud State. In my free time I often run, play tennis, go to the movies, and play video games. 

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Karen O.
Karen O

Travel Tip :  Push yourself out of your comfort zone! You will be surprised by the things you experience and the lifelong connections you can make just by doing this. 

Hola! My name is Karen Ortiz, I am an International Relations major and Political Science minor. I studied abroad in South Africa in the Spring of 2020 and it was an awesome experience that changed my life. Traveling abroad sparked my interest in travel and culture. As a global mentor, my mission is to help students see the value of studying abroad so they too can experience what I did.

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Spencer RTravel TipMy best travel tip is to expect the unexpected. In a country where you may not know the language or are not familiar with, be prepared to go with the flow!

Howdy! I am a senior from Dallas, Texas studying Political science and international relations. I am excited to be working with ed abroad because I want everyone to experience what I was able to experience abroad. 

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