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Meet the Global Mentors


Get to know the Global Mentors in the Education Abroad office! They are here to help navigate program related questions but also help you through the application process! 

gmTravel Tip: Expect things to go wrong, and when they inevitably do go wrong just roll with it.
I am in my 3rd year at SCSU and am getting my Bachelor’s in Social Studies Teaching, with a Minor in East Asian Studies. I have been to 8 countries, with 5 of them having gone through St. Cloud State. In my free time I often run, play tennis, go to the movies, and play video games. - Lucas Clasen
gmTravel Tip: Always check the weather in the place you are going for short trips. Just because a place is usually warm or usually cold doesn’t mean it will always be that way.
I’m Jacob, I am a business major, an identical twin, and I have lived in Wisconsin most of my life. I studied abroad in Alnwick, England my freshman year of college, and have since travelled to Amsterdam, Dublin, and Madrid. - Jacob Hurajt

gmTravel Tip: Always keep an open mind while traveling and be open to new ideas if not everything goes as planned.  Everything will work out in the end!
Hi!  My name is Sophie and I am a junior at SCSU majoring in Mass Communications.  I studied abroad for the first time in Denmark in June of 2019 and had the time of my life!  Since then, I have a growing passion for travel and meeting new people, and now work as a Global Mentor in order to help others on their journeys abroad! - Sophie Torgerson