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Meet the Global Mentors


Get to know the Global Mentors and Graduate Assistants in the Education Abroad office! They are here to help navigate program related questions but also help you through the application process! 



Sabrina Y: Graduate Assistant

Hi everyone, My name is Sabrina and I am a second year student in the College Counseling and Student Development Master's Program. I studied abroad to 3 different countries during the short-term Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia program. I am passionate in helping students find their dream destination, especially encouraging students of color to go study abroad!

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Kelly M.: Graduate Intern

ý Den, Bonjour, my name is Kelly. I am currently in my second year of the Master's of Higher Education Administration program. I studied abroad in France, Germany, and Austria in 2012. I also lived in the Czech Republic for 9 months in 2015. I am a true believer in the idea that Education Abroad changes your life and would love to help you find a program that is perfect for you!


Karen O.
Karen O.

Travel Tip:  Push yourself out of your comfort zone! You will be surprised by the things you experience and the lifelong connections you can make just by doing this. 

Hola! My name is Karen Ortiz, I am an International Relations major and Political Science minor. I studied abroad in South Africa in the Spring of 2020 and it was an awesome experience that changed my life. Traveling abroad sparked my interest in travel and culture. As a global mentor, my mission is to help students see the value of studying abroad so they too can experience what I did.

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Jack N.

Travel Tip: When traveling, having a plan is great, but sometimes things just don't go the way you wanted. Be ready to adapt and make the most of every moment you can and don't be afraid to change things up. You might just find your next best experience in a place you had no intention of going.

Hey! My name is Jack and I am a Junior here at SCSU. I am majoring in Psychology and plan to pursue grad-school here too! I had the amazing opportunity to go on the Alnwick Program during my first year and loved every second of it. What an amazing way to get an education while getting to travel around the British Isles. I really do encourage everyone to try and get out there and experience what the world has to offer.

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Lijchoj M. 

Nyob Zoo - Hello, My name is Lijchoj and I am a first-year, pre-med student at St. Cloud State. I have not studied abroad yet, but plan to study abroad soon to Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia, and South Korea. As a Global mentor, I am happy to assist you so that you can study abroad to your dream destination.

Geraldine T. 

Travel Tip:  Be ready to accept mistakes when learning a new language, it's all part of the learning processes. Yes, it will be hard at first, but it will be all worth it at the end of the journey.

Hello, Hola, my name is Geraldine! I’m a first year Art major at St. Cloud State. I studied abroad in Mexico and I absolutely had a blast. I learned more about my heritage and improved my Spanish significantly, not to mention making lifetime friends. I am planning to go to Japan for an entire year and I am so excited to help you explore your study abroad options at SCSU.